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Autonomous Startup Argo AI Allows Scientists To Access Its HD Maps For Free

Argo AI is going to release organized data in conjunction with high-definition maps to scientists free of cost. The startup recently entered in the autonomous market has decided to publicize some of the important information it has recorded while designing and evaluating autonomous cars.

Ford Motor has been currently backing Argo. The condition behind providing the confidential data to academic researchers is to observe the impact of high-definition maps on forecasting and perception, such as recognizing hurdles coming on the way and predicting the movement of those objects.

Argo AI has specified a name for the compiled file of data and HD maps, Argoverse. Though, the data offered by the startup is not complete, still large enough to help researchers find some important result by analyzing the whole data.

The data includes traffic directions, centerlines of lanes, and ground height on the roads of Miami and Pittsburgh.

Argo is not the only self-driving company that is openly publishing its data. But the data seems to be exceptional due to the inclusion of HD maps along with data. For thoroughly analyzing the data captured by autonomous vehicles, maps are also considered as one of the crucial parts of the data.

On a similar note, South Korea has designed the world’s first autonomous car testing platform in the city that is integrated with 5G-technology. Through this development, the city is expecting to generate a considerable lead in the mobility sector.

The testing platform is known as Sangam bed, which is set up in Western Seoul. The test bed will be launched in the current week. According to the ministry of the Government of South Korea, the testing platform will comprise all the necessities, such as EV charging station, 3-D road map, and a control tower “future mobility center”.

The Ministry of Science and ICT said that even the citizens would be allowed to enjoy the test bed ride in autonomous vehicles, so they can observe the ability of cars by themselves.

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