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NATO To Concede Space As Warfighting Domain, Sanctions Space Strategy

Reportedly, the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is anticipated to support its first space strategy in the coming week, and NATO chiefs would apparently concede that space is a warfighting domain during the NATO summit in London in December 2019, as reported by the Financial Times and Reuters. Both, political designations of space and the NATO space strategy as a warfighting sector would reportedly set off a formal debate and course within the military association about how ideally it can address the increasing space risk environment, predominantly threats attributed to Russia and China. The developments would also open up the likelihood of NATO taking on space missions for the purposes of space management and denial during a clash where a member-state has summoned Article 5 of the NATO Treaty, compelling other members to come to the defense of that state.

Jamie Shea—Former NATO Official—said to Reuters, “You can have conflict exclusively in space, but whoever manages space also manages what happens on land, in the sea, and in the air. If you do not control space, you do not control the other sectors either.” While NATO is prepared to release a space tactic and recognize space as a warfighting domain afterward in this year, there are no direct plans to announce space as an outfitted domain for NATO procedures, something that will need the organization to form budgets, organizational entities, and ability, plus principles and formal policies.

Recently, the NATO was in news as a new Pentagon chief headed to the organization regarding concerns on Iran. Mark Esper—Acting US Defense Secretary—would be ready to upgrade European associates on apprehensions with Iran as he is headed to NATO headquarters. The focus of the meeting would be on other pre-planned talks, counting an approaching end to the 1987 INF (Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces) Treaty amid the U.S. and Russia.

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