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NASA Will Send Robot On Moon Before Heading For Human Landings

NASA is receiving sturdy support from the international sources in order to thrust the pre-planned moon-landing project, known as Artemis. The international sources have collaborated with NASA for a mission known as Heracles. In this mission, a robotic rover will be sent to lunar territory in order to inspect it and to bring the scooped samples from the moon’s surface for testing purposes.

The European, Japanese, and Canadian organizations are supporting NASA to schedule this mission in the next year. Based on the projections, the rover would be launched from the Earth inside a small spacecraft, and the astronauts from NASA’s planned Gateway space station would continuously observe the rover. The planned gateway will revolve around the moon, which will allow astronauts to keep an eye on the rover continuously.

The European Space Agency stated that the rover would scan the terrain, gather rock and soil samples, and deliver the precious samples to the NASA’s Gateway.

The sample collection via robotic fleet and bringing the samples back to Earth are also a part of the moon-landing mission, Artemis. The US administration has commanded NASA to delay the mission and schedule to land humans on the moon by 2024.

On a similar note, If NASA’s DART mission work according to the plan, the European Space Agency (ESA) will follow NASA’s plan to visit an extraordinary asteroid Didymos and its moon (double asteroid system). ESA has already planned this mission with the name Hera, which would be scheduled in 2026.

According to the predictions and calculations, NASA’s DART spacecraft will crash after colliding with a smaller asteroid of Didymos, known as Didymoon. In 2026, ESA’s Hera mission will be scheduled. The purpose of the Hera mission would be to map the crater and calculate the mass of the asteroid. ESA will launch two CubeSats that will fly close to the surface of the asteroid and perform crucial scientific researches before resting.

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