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Bellatrix Aerospace Raises $3 Million Through Venture Capital Investors

There is an Indian satellite propulsion startup that has commenced strategic plans to construct a small launch vehicle and it has raised $3 Million from a team of venture capital investors. This Bengaluru-based company has pure intentions to use most of its funds to showcase the power of its thruster technology in space. Bellatrix Aerospace is the company that is trying to collect the funds and work towards its space goals. The others who also participated in the fundraiser program include Karsemven Fund, IDFC-Parampara, Survam Partners, and StartupXseed are the ones who led the pre-Series A round. GrowX Ventures followed by incubators CIIE and SINE plus KA Enterprises.

The Indian Institute of Science that was formed in 2015 is currently known as Bellatrix and this 14 people organization plans to use its major part of the investment to surge its number. The propulsion systems of all sizes for any satellites are what Bellatrix aims. The primary product of the company was an electric propulsion system that operates on water. It is not yet clear when Bellatrix’s first thruster would be unveiled. The water-based propulsion systems are not only Bellatrix’s platform there are many other companies such as Tethers Unlimited, Momentus Space, and Deep Space Industries as well. The company can leverage the investments as it has the Indian Space Research Organization backing and leading it so as to win the commercial market prices. The affordable price tag is what the company plans to provide using its frugal engineering.

NASA and the European Space Agency are making sure that Bellatrix products meet global expectations. It is planning to flourish in the US and Europe and prove India’s achievements in launch and space exploration. By the end of 2020, Co-founder Rohan Ganapathy plans to end its Series A round. TeamIndus is planning to develop a spacecraft for the Moon mission by competing for the $20 million Google Lunar X Prize and hopes that its achievement will travel 500 meters across the lunar surface and provide necessary videos and images. However, though it lost, it got a partnership with BeyondOrbit, a New Jersey-based company, that obtained $97 Million from NASA in May as part of the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program. Bellatrix is working on 200-kilograms vehicle to reach the low Earth orbit. The Orion Molecular Cloud Complex is star-developing region near the star Bellatrix in the Orion constellation that inspired the company to kick off.

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