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Mid-capacity Cell Culture Media Can Now Experience New-generation Incubator

The pharmaceutical industry is headed to increase its focus on the advancements of biologics. The researchers require flexible, automation-ready incubation solutions with the durability and flexibility to back an array of unearthing, development, and processing applications for potential cell-based and cell-derived medications. Past 50 Years, the environmental chamber and incubation technology are being used and the latest Thermo Scientific Cytomat 2 C-LiN Series Automated Incubator gives researchers and cell culture biologists from the pharmaceutical industry with an automation-ready and a mid-capacity cell culture media. The latest automated incubator machine provides cell growth and environmental control over a range of microplate applications such as cell-based screening, microbiology and enzyme testing, and immuno-capture assays.

The new machine is designed for the speedy and flexible purpose. The Cytomat 2 C-LiN Series Automated Incubator improves the laboratory automation mechanisms. Thermo Fisher Scientific is the company that is designing a new generation of automated incubators for the 2019 European conference and Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening’s (SLAS Europe) exhibition that will be hosted on June 26 – 28 at the Centre de Convencions Internacional. The escalation in biotherapeutic development and their forever complexity has made it necessary for the scientists to possess cell culture solutions that can be trusted for delivering cellular growth in a controlled and contamination-free surrounding.

According to Hansjoerg Haas from Thermo Fisher Scientific, the launch of the Cytomat 2 C-LiN Series Automated Incubator can pull it closer to the mid-capacity microplate applications and also enable valuable study based on vital cell lines for the development and synthesis of future therapeutics. Zilliqa unveils a new incubator program with the hope to persuade more developers and projects to think of developing dApps on its ecosystem. The program is known as ZILHive and it will be providing funding, technical, and business advice to the 5 participants for building the best applications by using ZIL tokens as venture security.

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