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Scientists Employed Phone Accelerometer Info To Forecast User Behavior

Our handsets have a disturbing amount of data related to us. While messages, calls, location logs, and app usage have all been employed to profile consumers, phone accelerometers have essential data, as well. Scientists from the RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University employed the small sensors that trace phone movement for things such as step-counting to forecast 5 major personality behaviors.

In a paper posted by the IEEE Computer Society, the scientists show how far, how quickly, and when users walk. They also show if we pick up our handsets during the night, revealing sleep patterns. By correlating personality traits to physical activity, the group showed that “agreeable” users have random patterns for activity and are busier on weekday evenings and weekends. Sensitive women apparently check their handsets frequently and during the night, but sensitive men do exactly the opposite. And more curious and inventive users receive and make lesser phone calls versus others.

The scientists claim that this info can be employed to better tell online dating matches, social media friend suggestions, and targeted ads. They also recommend it may assist us better know ourselves. There are some flaws in the research, such as the fact that it only studied 52 individuals. It is also based on personality studies, and individual tend to be pretty awful at answering questions related to them. The scientists aim to mirror the study in Australia to verify their presumptions. Irrespective of the end result, you can be sure that firms will use accelerometers to collect consumer info in one way or another.

Speaking of accelerometers, earlier scientists demoed a “commercially feasible” quantum accelerometer that can offer navigation without using satellite technology such as GPS. The device employs lasers to cool atoms to very low temperatures, and then calculates the quantum wave characteristics of those atoms as they react to acceleration.

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