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Trump Administration Provides Another 90-Day Extension To Huawei

The U.S. will delay penalty on Huawei Technologies by another 90 days.

Wilbur Ross, the Commerce Secretary has made the announcement on Monday that the Commerce Department intends to grant a reprieve for Huawei Technologies.

Earlier, a 90-day ban was imposed on Huawei which began in May and was to end on Monday. By the extension made on Monday, the deadline has been lifted and will last until November 19.

The U.S. has placed Huawei under the “Entity List”, by which companies will find it difficult to have business dealings with the company in the month of May. Even if they want to do business with them, they will have to get approval from the government, before they can proceed. They should not violate any terms of the Temporary General License or the Entity Listing.

Huawei comes under the “Entity List” as national security concerns are involved, says President Trump. Huawei has close links to the Chinese government, which is raising security concerns.

However, a number of rural companies depend on Huawei for trade and the Commerce Department allowed a reprieve of 90 days for companies to continue business with Huawei.

On Monday, the Department has added 46 more subsidiaries of Huawei to the Entity List. This adds up to more than 100 subsidiaries, says Ross. He says that through these additional subsidiaries, it would be difficult for the company to get around the sanctions imposed.

Last year, the Federal government was banned from doing business with Huawei citing security concerns. This has prevented the government from buying equipment from Huawei.

The Chinese company has been affected by the ban imposed by the U.S. on its products. Huawei has now unveiled HarmonyOS, by which it will not have to depend on Google. It will have an operating system of its own.

Huawei, however, continues to deny the spying accusations made on it by the U.S. government.

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