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Anti Vax Supporters May Be Risking The Lives Of Their Pets

As per data from a UK based animal charity, it has been revealed that anti-vaccination pet owners in the country are not vaccinating their animals on time which could make them vulnerable to fatal diseases. Charity PDSA stated that anti-vaccination campaign is influencing people to keep their pets unvaccinated which are likely to leave them unprotected to diseases like parvovirus, cat-flu, and rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease.

The PAW report of 2019 revealed that total number of protected domestic animals has fallen drastically in recent years. Survey carried out on 2036 pets like cats, rabbits and dogs in Britain showed that only 66 %or just two thirds of them were given primary vaccination while nearly 84 % of pets were vaccinated during 2016. The report also emphasized that nearly one third of pets in UK are not getting their regular booster doses that ensures protection.

The charity revealed that reduction of pet vaccination by 18 % in past three years has made nearly 7 million pets vulnerable to communicable diseases and infections. The report shows that concept of “vaccine hesitancy” that till now was limited to parents hesitating over vaccinating their children against communicable diseases has unfortunately crept into animal care. This problem has been described by World Health Organization as its top 10 threats to global health.

As per junior vice president of British Veterinary Association, Daniella Dos Santos, this phenomenon is not surprising as nearly 98 % of veterinary doctors in the country have been asked by clients about necessity of vaccinating their pets. This worrying trend has been echoed by various vets as they know clients are being influenced by unreliable online declarations but cannot do anything about it. Pet owners that don’t vaccinate their animals are likely to see them die from unpleasant preventable health issues say vets.

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