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Yet Another Lawsuit Against DoorDash As Delivery Driver Attacks Client

DoorDash, the San Francisco-based food-delivery company has again found itself in another trouble, with a lawsuit filed over accusations that a client was violently stabbed by a food-delivery driver. The Las Vegas-based restaurateur who has claimed an attack by a DoorDash driver stated that he was nearly stabbed to death by the driver, below his ribcage and in his back for a multiple times with a small pocket knife.

The matter worsen when it was claimed by the lawsuit, filed in this week, that the alleged DoorDash driver who was dismissed and accused of murder and now expecting trial in Nevada was employed by the company in spite of being involved in armed robbery.

On October 27 last year, the purported incident took place when Fabio Coppola, who ran Roma Deli & Restaurant, went to deliver a food order with the accused DoorDash driver, Mackie Allen.

As per the complaint lodged in state court of Nevada on Thursday, when Coppola knocked on Allen’s cab window to deliver the food, the driver responded severely. He got out of the car and charged inside the restaurant. Then Allen started hurling offensive words at Coppola. When Coppola threatened Allen to report his behavior with DoorDash and demanded him to get out, he was attacked by the latter with a pocket knife. The restaurateur’s left hand was slashed by Allen. When the former fled to protect him, he was badly followed by the latter that horribly stabbed him even more.

After so much slashing, it is claimed by the lawsuit that Allen got back to his car and delivered the ordered food to the buyer. As per the filed complaint, in spite of a dark criminal record of Allen, i.e. a gas station robbery in 2010 using a shotgun, a 2012 verdict and a forgery case for which he was sentenced for four years, DoorDash still hired him as a driver. The complaint states that due to flawed background inspection policy of DoorDash, Coppola almost lost his life.

Two other suspected DoorDash incidents have also been reported, where violent behaviors have been shown by the company’s drivers against customers. In defense, a spokesperson of DoorDash stated that the company considers the community’s safety seriously and appropriate steps are being taken by it. The accused have been thrown out their platform.

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