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At Least 450 Cases Of Severe Lung Damage Likely Linked To Vaping

Health officials in US have now identified approximately 450 total cases related to severe lung damage due to vaping. These cases have appeared throughout the nation from a total of 33 different states. CDC officials revealed that there have been 2 more confirmed deaths related to vaping in Minnesota and Indiana. This now takes the total deaths to 4 as Illinois and Oregon have experienced 2 deaths previously.

CDC, FDA and state health departments are coming together to find out solutions as well as causes. They are working hard to find out the products that may have caused this through various lab tests. Dr. Dana from CDC has said that exposure to a certain chemical present in vaping products might be the root cause of this. She added that they haven’t found any one particular product that can be linked with all the cases and further investigations are required to find out if there is a particular product that can be related to all these cases. Doctors are speculating that mixing of different types of vape liquids may be responsible for some cases as it may have formed a toxic substance when mixed up.

According to reports from health officials in Wisconsin that presented a breakdown of first 53 cases in the state, 83% of the patients were male and were of 19 years old on an average. Out of the 53 cases, 93% were hospitalized under serious conditions and more than half of them were sent to ICUs. Around one third of the total cases required mechanical support to breathe and intubation which signifies the severity of these cases. In light of the recent deaths, US senator Dick Durbin has said that FDA commissioner Dr. Need Sharpless should immediately take an action to ban vapes or else he will call for his resignation.

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has recently said that e-cigarettes will be banned in the state in the upcoming days. San Francisco became the first city to ban the sale of e-cigarettes.

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