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Daniel Zhang To Take Over From Jack Ma On 10th September 10

Daniel Zhang for months had worked with a small team in Shanghai in a garage underground. The man who is the Alibaba Group’s chief executive has been working secretly on a plan which would sound crazy to even their colleagues which sit in Hangzhou many miles away.

Daniel Zhang had been attempting to launch inside the e-commerce giant Alibaba, a startup which would attempt at combining a delivery app, a restaurant and a grocery store with the help of robotics and facial recognition technology in order to speed up payment and other logistics.

This project called Freshippo has thereafter been an integral part of the blueprint which Zhang has for the future of Alibaba, with 150 stores across 17 cities in China. It was observed during the afternoon of a regular weekday at one of the stores in Hangzhou that plastic bins were shuttling automatically in the ceilings along tracks made for them, as they collected goods from all over the store, goods which had been ordered online. Deliverymen were standing by to transport the goods within a radius of 1.9 mile in less than half an hour.

After the most famous businessman from China Jack Ma hangs his boots, Zhang who is a businessman who isn’t as famous will be taking over the reins as the Chairman at Alibaba. He will begin assuming the role on 10th of September and will be the first person since Jack Ma to hold both the titles of a chairman and a CEO.

Zhang in contrast to Ma is soft spoken and slight while Ma was constantly at conflict with the heads of state for the speeches he use to give at public gatherings.

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