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Experts Decide To Include Microorganisms In Climate Change Conservation

Around 30 microbiologists from 9 countries have formed a group that issued a warning against humans. The issue comes after the people still live ignoring the Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystem that are currently in danger due to the changing temperature and other climatic factors. Humanity is in great danger due to their very own deeds. The microorganisms and other life forms are also in great danger due to the pacing climatic changes. According to Professor Rick Cavicchioli from the UNSW Sydney, the researchers have planned to take a collective effort to help curb the current changes so as to save the Earth.

The researchers are also working towards creating awareness about the microorganisms’ impact on climate change and encourage the researchers to make innovations using them so as to improve the environmental conditions. The microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria will be focused on as they can be used as a means to find a perfect solution. The smaller life forms can indirectly or directly help humans survive and also help regulate the climate changes. In the development policies, these species are hardly included in the climate change section. The microbes are an unseen group of life forms that play an important role in animal and human health, food chain, agriculture, and industry.

It has been found that 90% of the ocean’s biomass comprises microbes. The marine organisms such as phytoplankton capture light energy from the sunlight and eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere just like the plants do. They form the base of the food web as they are fed by krill which are eaten by fishes and the chain goes on. The sea ice algae found in the sea ice houses will have to face the impacts of the global warming that will be melting sea ice and in turn hampering the ocean food web. The climatic changes can cause various geographic changes that can have an effect on human health due to the spread of disease or other food web related issues.

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