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East Coast Beach Waters Is Likely To Be Tainted With Flesh-eating Bacteria

A recent study has reported that the flesh-eating bacteria are spreading like fire across the whole town and also in other new places. The increase in spreading of the bacteria is taking place basically due to the rise in the ocean temperature, which has resulted from the climatic changes. The study has been published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. The researchers from Cooper University Hospital have found the bacterium to cause the sudden dramatic event that is Vibrio vulnificus. It is currently being spotted in the areas where it was earlier rarely seen. The flesh-eating bacteria are found to require water that to with a temperature above 55° Fahrenheit so as to survive.

The flesh-eating bacterium had been found in the Delaware Bay between 2017 and 2018. Earlier five such cases of the ocean being infected with these species had been determined. It seems to be on an escalating scale as only a single case had been detected between 2008 and 2016. The flesh-eating bacteria seem to be a rampage to kill and also cause severe injuries to the people. Recently, it has been reported that a man who had gone fishing in the Delaware Bay had to get all his four limbs amputated after consuming the dozen crabs he had caught. The flesh-eating bacteria are generally found in the warm waters that exist in the Southeast and the Gulf of Mexico.

The people who had either consumed seafood from Delaware Bay seafood or had gone nearby the shore were found to have the bacteria munching their flesh away. New Jersey is also under threat due to the increase in the flesh-eating bacteria population. The current traditional geographic conditions show that the infection is occurring more frequently than expected. The necrotizing fasciitis infections were also found to be have low active immune system, hepatitis B or C, and diabetes.  The exposure to salt water or brackish water by the wounded or eating undercooked meat increases the chances of contracting the disease.

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