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Bathtub Rings Around Titan’s Lakes May Be Composed Of Alien Crystals

The frosty lakeshores of Titan (Saturn’s moon) may be covered with unearthly, strange minerals, as per new study.

Scientists re-making Titan-esque cases in their lab have found new minerals and compounds not discovered on Earth, comprising a co-crystal created of solid butane and acetylene.

Butane and acetylene exist on Earth as gases and are normally employed for camp stove fuel and welding. On Titan, with its very cold temperatures, butane and acetylene are solid and mix to create crystals, the new study discovered.

The new mineral may be accountable for the bathtub rings that are supposed to exist around hydrocarbon lakes of Titan, as per Morgan Cable at the California Institute of Technology at of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He will demo the new study at the 2019 Astrobiology Science Conference this week.

Titan’s lakes are full of liquid hydrocarbons. Earlier study using data and images collected at the time of the Cassini mission has displayed that lakes in the dry regions of the moon close to the equator contain symptoms of evaporated substance left behind, such as rings on a bathtub.

To make Titan-akin conditions in the lab, the scientists began with a custom-made cryostat, an apparatus to keep stuffs cold. They filled the cryostat using liquid nitrogen to take down the temperature. They then heated the chamber a bit, so the nitrogen converted into gas, which is mostly what atmosphere of Titan has. Then, they threw in what thrives on Titan, ethane and methane, as well as other carbon-including molecules, and sought for what was created.

On a related note, seas, rain, and a surface of eroding organic substance can be seen both on Saturn’s biggest moon, Titan, and Earth. On the other hand, on Titan it is not water but methane that fills the lakes with mushy raindrops.

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